The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Carpet on Stairs

carpeting on stairs

Many houses have carpet for stairs. It compares well to the wooden option and offers a degree of comfort that can only be provided by carpet. Like any other site, carpeting the staircase offers both benefits and drawbacks. These include how easy or difficult it is to clean the carpet, how much it costs, how safe it is to use on stairs, and how the carpet is attached to the floor.

The flooring firm you choose to carpet your house may also offer to carpet your staircase. Cutting, tucking, and tacking the carpeting to get it tight on the stairs makes them more labour-intensive to carpet per square foot than a flat surface. An additional cost is often associated with the proposal to carpet the steps. Is it a good investment?

Pros of Carpeting On Stairs:

Custom Stair Runners Carpet

It is a question of taste to carpet the stairs, and the decision to install carpet rather than wood may be greeted with resistance from specific individuals. The several benefits stair carpeting offers, including enhanced aesthetics and comfort, reduced noise levels, and enhanced levels of safety, may influence the ultimate decision.

Comfort and Elegance:

When a home is equipped with carpet, it instantly transforms into a warmer, cosier, and more inviting space. Please choose a colour that will either draw attention to itself or mix in with your home’s existing furnishings, other flooring, drapes, and decorations..

Calming Down the Hustle and Bustle:

The creaking sound that comes from wooden stairs that have been worn down by foot usage may be muffled with carpet. You will need this if you live in a house full of loud youngsters who spend the day climbing and descending those stairs.


Wooden staircases, especially polished ones, provide a fall hazard, especially in households with young children or the elderly. This is why carpet is preferable; it considerably reduces the likelihood of a slip and fall, which may result in catastrophic injuries. Carpeting makes falls gentler, eliminates the danger of sliding on liquid spills, and reduces the likelihood of falls and associated injuries.

Cons of Carpeting On Stairs:

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Despite the many advantages, laying carpet on the stairs is only a wise option in some settings, including certain houses and for some individuals. Carpeting’s unattractive attributes include its high price, complex installation procedure, possible injury to the underlying wood, and demanding care needs. Carpeting is also not the most environmentally friendly flooring option.

Price & Expense of Setup:

It would be helpful if you had the carpeting on your stairs replaced with the highest-quality one you can afford, but doing so would drive up the expense of the job. To get carpeting that will keep your family safe and last the longest. You may need to spend more money than you had initially planned. Installation is another possible stumbling block, on top of the fact that it is difficult and costly.

Deterioration of the Original Stair’s Wood:

The carpet may be installed using glue, industrial staplers, or wires. Any of these things can potentially cause irreparable harm to the underlying wood. If you were to remove the carpeting, the steps underneath it would need an expensive refinishing job.

Constantly Need Cleaning:

Carpets may be a hassle to clean and maintain, particularly in high-traffic areas of the home. A building’s stairway is consistently one of the busiest portions of the structure. Dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming will make up a significant portion of the cleaning tasks. Compared to wood stairs, which need an occasional sweep and mop, carpeted stairs require much more substantial maintenance to seem presentable.

Do You Think Your Stairs Need Carpeting?

The end choice will be determined exclusively by the needs and preferences that you have as a homeowner. If the remainder of your home is in hardwood, installing carpet on the stairs is an excellent way to make a fashion statement that stands out from the crowd. In particular, it lowers the overall noise level of daily activities in the house, such as the sound of footsteps. If no one in your home is at significant risk of falling, installing carpeted stairs may be a suitable choice for you. This is especially true if you are happy with the additional effort of routinely carrying a vacuum up and down the stairs. For more information about stair carpets and flooring, you can call us at 0116 221 4473 or fill the contact us form.

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